Fort Clonque December 2008

19th - 29th December 2008

This was Jane and Andrew's joint 100th birthday party as well as being a festive-season gathering.

The garrison: Andrew, Jane, Peter, Beryl, Rob, Alan, Brenda

The first relief: Gareth, Terese, Linda, Jan, Ian, Sally

The second relief: Jill, Kate, Richard, Torr, John, Karen, Lord Boogie

Overall there were 19 people and one dog, using 8 flights in and out. In ten days we served 114 main meals and consumed about 60 bottles of booze.


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Alderney on OpenStreetMap - I supplied most of the data for this one by carrying a GPS receiver while walking around the island.

Alderney on Google Maps - This has aerial photography as well as streets, but does not know about footpaths.

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Andrew Findlay