Fort Clonque December 2008: first party

At Southampton Airport: Jan, Linda, Gareth, Terese. A little apprehensive perhaps having seen the size of the aircraft.
Boarding G-BOTO for Alderney
Your door is on the other side...
Ready for take-off!
Arrival on Alderney.
First sight of Fort Clonque from the top of the Zig-Zag.
Pause for the first photos of the fort.
Fort Clonque with Casquets and Ortac in the background.
Touring the fort.
Baggage handlers - Alan and Gareth.
More baggage - Jane, Linda, Jan and Terese.
The advanced party - all present and correct.
Sunset over Fort Tourgis. The cone on the left is a navigation mark.
Sunset over Clonque.
Soss Gunge - our traditional arrival meal.
The first evening in the Soldiers' Quarters. Brenda, Sally, Linda, Ian, Terese.
Gareth conducting in the kitchen, with Beryl, Peter, Jan and Rob.
Fly the flag!
Alderney's Christmas Special. It did not actually run over the photographer...
Yes - this really is a Central Line carriage! Apart from the salt it must be one of the best retirement locations for old underground trains.
Santa and elf.
Rob, Jane and Beryl
Alderney is small enough that everyone knows everyone else. This obviously includes the people in charge of the utilities who have managed to get all the new services in a single trench!
Alderney Breakwater. The sea was calm but the wind was too high to walk safely along the top.
Fort Tourgis: high quality stonework but derelict for decades.
The main entrance to Tourgis.
Tourgis parade ground.
Looking into the main barrack block: that floor is not fit for walking on...
Some floors are missing entirely, with interesting results...
Another stairwell.
Fort Clonque from Fort Tourgis.
Platte Saline from Fort Tourgis.
Landmark always provide a jig-saw of the property with interestingly-shaped pieces. Ian, Jane and Terese have done the easy bit...
Rob and Brenda discuss spreadsheets (!) before dinner.
Salmon en Croute tonight - 13 to feed, so Jane made two.
Gareth and Jane with the second 'Croute'.
Saturday evening entertainments: Beryl, Rob, Brenda, Alan, Peter, Sally and Jane.
Jane admiring Linda's fiddle playing.
Linda in full flow.
Party games - Ian using a novel technique to pick up the box.
Terese making the game harder.
Alan hoping that one leg would be more flexible than two.
Jan getting close.
Jane worrying the box. Eventually we found that Brenda could fold herself in half and pick a flat sheet of card off the floor, but I did not get a photo of the feat.
Gareth and Linda in fine form.
Brenda sings to Linda's accompaniment.
Serious exercise on Sunday - we set off around the South side of the island. Descending into Trois Vaux valley.
...and back up the other side. Panting hard at the top: Gareth, Jane, Linda, Jan, Sally, Brenda and Ian.
Panting slightly less: Alan.
A reminder of one of the darker parts of Alderney's history: the memorial stone on the gatepost of Lager Sylt.
Monday: Linda, Jan, Terese and Gareth return to the mainland to spend Christmas with families.

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Photos by Andrew Findlay