Fort Clonque December 2008: second party

Jane and Rob at the gatehouse.
Beryl and Peter on the upper battery looking out towards Casquets and Ortac.
Clonque is covered with Mesembrianthemum.
Sunset over Sark.
Goats get everywhere!
The stump of a telegraph pole on Clonque causeway. This has weathered down a lot since I first photographed it in 2000.
Monday night and only 7 to feed. Jane made cheese soufflé for 7 while Andrew made fish pie for 13 (to freeze for Boxing Day).
Rob presides while Jane serves the soufflé
Sunset over Hennaine Bay with Fort Clonque on the right.
The supply boat leaving Alderney: it has just passed through The Swinge.
Fierce notices but no padlock - sense prevails on Alderney.
The next group arrives - Jill Torr Richard and Kate. They have not yet noticed the registration mark on the plane...
Photos of the plane and they still don't notice!.
The cake! 50th birthdays for Jane and Andrew, and Merry Christmas too!
Karen Boogie and Torr on Platte Saline.
Torr on Platte Saline.
Are we nearly there yet?
New arrivals raise the flag: Torr, Lord Boogie, Karen and John.
Soldiers quarters, causeway, and Fort Tourgis seen from the upper magazine.
Marais Square looking towards the High Street.
Three collections per day, and two on Saturdays!
Bray harbour seen from Fort Albert.
John and Karen with Lord Boogie.
Richard and Kate give Santa a helping hand.
Rob, Peter and Beryl on Clonque Causeway.
Jane Karen and Boogie on Bray beach.
Rib of beef for Christmas dinner.
Presents! Richard and Torr building a motorised buggy.
Evening on Clonque.
For brother and sister.
Laid for dinner (though Lord Boogie ate his off the floor).
Music before dinner: Beryl, Peter, Jill, Kate and Rob.
Meet the meat!
Boxing day expedition at the top of the Zig Zag: John, Karen, Jane, Brenda, Alan and Boogie.
Fort Clonque and Burhou.
Yes we are going down this hill: Boogie and John in Trois Vaux valley.
Telegraph Bay with the old Telegraph Tower in the background.
There's a mole down here somewhere - I can smell it!
Fort Ile de Raz
Fort Les Homeaux Florains - probably the most ruined of the Alderney forts.
Alderney Lighthouse. Four flashes every 15s.
Chow time again!
Waiting for pudding: Peter, Beryl, Kate, Torr.
Torr recording the meal.
Kate brought the Jolly Roger so we had to fly it!
Jolly Roger and Upper Magazine seen from above the generator house.
Bray Harbour at low tide.
Lord Boogie. Airlines insist on a title for every passenger, so what else would you choose for the central figure of the household?
Sunset over Clonque (again).
Soldiers quarters
Rather more comfortable than in Victorian times!
The Christmas Tree was provided - a nice touch.
Evidence of prolonged good cheer.
The German Casemate - now a cosy bedroom with a spectacular view.
The wind got up at Corblets Bay so Rob borrowed Jane's hat.
Jane Karen and Boogie with Chateau a l'Etoc in the background.
Whose frisbee is it anyway?
Coathooks for bathers at Corblets Bay.
Inside the Upper Magazine.
John and Boogie.
Kitchen dresser.
Flowers in December? Must be gorse...
Memorial to an Alderney institution: the airport chickens had just been culled in preparation for a new water supply catchment.
Bray: most of these buildings are pubs, hotels and restaurants...
Bray seen from the bottom of the radio mast.
Andrew - usually found behind the camera.
On Bray Common: Peter, Jane, Beryl, Rob. Fort Albert behind.
The last party to leave. We went home on JOEY, a fitting end to a memorable holiday.

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Photos by Andrew Findlay